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Can I talk to you about her? What's Miki's favorite cocktail? No one expected that to happen. A trilogy usually has three parts. So the little boy put his hands in his pockets.

We never should have gone there. That would be catastrophic. You can meet her tonight. My father always speaks to me in French and my mother always speaks to me in English. Lori suggested that we should take a ten-minute coffee break.

You'll need some of these. It doesn't look like a good place for bargains. They came to an agreement. In this tree, there is an apple on every limb. I'm going to drop in on her next week. Is Grace well enough to work today? Standing as it does on the hill the hotel commands a fine view. Ramneek looked at Travis again. When I tried to explain my reasons he simply became even angrier.

I don't want to buy any of these. She pressured him to quit. Nobody likes that. I'm convinced Toerless can succeed.

Thrust is how much push a rocket can give. We were astounded. Writing love letters isn't easy for me.

I want to talk to you after class. Charleen isn't lazy. Let's go ask Maureen. Lyndon ate a piece of the cake that Kari baked. He's proud that he got his education in the States. I cannot answer so many questions at a time.

Cindy died a little after 2:30 yesterday afternoon. It took her a while to realize the situation.

The author illustrated his book with a lot of pictures. We have to take advantage of this situation.

His permanent tooth is coming in behind his baby tooth. I myself did it. "They lost again." "You don't say. What's that, eight in a row?" You don't have to answer right away. He always eats breakfast here. Louise seems to have disappeared. Maybe Merat was the one who stole your bicycle. Please wait till I have finished my coffee.

Please come to the main office. Not everyone in Boston likes them. I'm eighteen. We won't know until Monday night. It doesn't get any easier than this. Much to his dismay, Dan missed the countdown for the New Year in Paris. Why are you lying to her? Is your uncle still abroad?

I wanted Marcel to confess. Was I asleep for long? Are you hardworking?

He got angry with me. Your cat will survive.

Just who are you? Is my laundry ready? What kind of plans do you have for the weekend? That's out of your control. Norway has a very low population density.

"They're all the same!" "Come on, Styopa! Looks like you've never had sex!" "Professor, I have no time for it!" "You sucker, it's a great pleasure." "Professor, I want to go with you!" "Yeah say that again! You're gonna suck just like always." "Yes, you're right". She hates spiders. Ghosts exist. I wish I could give you a big birthday hug. What are you frightened of? Be careful with what you drink. Petr and Clark had a fight. Let me treat you next time, then. Lenora filed a complaint.

Don't obey that man. Philippines is called "Filipinas" in Spanish. The song of this bird is very beautiful. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. What time did Jurevis call? I prefer reading books to watching television. I work for a shipping company. You should look into it. Are we safe here?